Time is not on your side? Pain, Fact and Tactics on time management for aspiring entrepreneurs

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Time management is important for entrepreneurs

Pain: Time is never enough for entrepreneurs and especially for the passionate ones. The truth is that people in general don’t really understand that, except the ones who have gone down that road of entrepreneurship.

Fact: Some say that learning how to manage time is like building the perfect business strategy; and they are right. Experience has shown us that only a few people can actually learn how to manage their time properly. It is mostly the hardworking ones who will reach an interesting result at some point.

Tactics: Trying to efficiently manage your time? It is a good idea to build your time management practice based on goals. For example, one simple goal might be to leave work every evening at 20.00. Another goal might be to make no more than 3 meetings a day. This will save you time for other things. If you have no goals and “restrictions” you will soon fall behind with workload.

Some other tips on time management which you will find useful are:

–         Make sure you have a clear understanding of your objectives as a business facilitator. If you are not sure about that, ask your mentor to confirm.

–         Use a task management App. Test a few to see which one fits your style and use only that one. It will help you save and manage your time.

–         Get a tempo. In music, a tempo is the speed or pace of a given piece. In your daytime, learn how to build different tempos, use them and get used to them. You will soon find out that tempo saves you a lot of energy and actually makes you very productive. It also keeps you cool and helps you avoid stressful conditions. Also, it has a positive effect on the people around you.

–         Split your working day in 3 parts. One part is early in the morning, one is mid-day and one is later in the afternoon. Divide and prioritize your tasks accordingly and see what is the best time to write, meet people, brainstorm, and communicate.

–         Give yourself 5 minutes every afternoon/evening to prepare for the next day. Don’t just switch off your brain at some point. Before you head home think of what happened that day and what needs to be done next.

–         Learn how to create time. This might be the most challenging task in the whole process. Entrepreneurs definitely need to be able to create time.

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to ask others how they cope with their busy daily schedule. Listen to them, believe only a little of what they say but try to see if something applies to your workday. Some ideas will turn out to be useful.

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