The Media Deals Edge: Bridging Investment and Startups in the Creative Industries

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From The Huffington Post and Gamit to Dubsmash and Gum Gum, media and gaming is going digital! And it’s a place where audio visual content, such as videos and music, is king and the idea is nothing short of disruptive! It is creative and innovative ventures such as these, bridging the gap between old media and technology, that our valued Partner Medial Deals, a pan-European network of investors, wishes to support and empower.

How does the team at Media Deals make matchmaking magic happen? By working on market-changing projects, such as the FI Business initiative and the FIWARE Accelerator Programme, in order to support access to investment in the creative industries and the digital media sector. A recent example: The 7th FIWARE Investment Forum taking place in Istanbul on February 4, where 2 gaming startups got to pitch in front of international equity investors.

But all this is just the tip of the iceberg of what Media Deals does. Time to go deeper!

Crossing Borders: Changing the Media Game

Media Deals is a pan-European investment advisory for business angels and early stage investors in the content and mediatech industry. Its mission is to foster more cross-border investment in the creative industries by identifying and accelerating innovative startups to match them with active private investors in Europe.

With offices in Berlin, Brussels, London, Cannes, and Athens, it ensures that it can provide a solid European network of investors to creative startups-thirsty for growth.

Challenge Accepted: It’s all Greek to Media Deals

Where others see obstacles with the challenging economic status of Greece, Media Deals sees even greater opportunities for innovation and creativity. Through its Athens office and its partnership with Metavallon, Media Deals aspires to get more and more involved within the Greek eco-system. How?

We want to create training opportunities, build links to international networks, and help Greek companies attract investment”, explains Alexander Berlin, Investment Consultant at Media Deals.

All about Future Business: Making an Impact and Forging Strong Partnerships

Having a powerful effect on the European startup ecosystem has been on the top of the FIWARE agenda over the past year. “This is just the beginning!” Alexander Berlin, enthusiastically reassures us.

As a matter of fact, there are more exciting investment forums (stay tuned as Heidelberg will be in the spotlight soon) and more ePitches Sessions coming up. After all, Ithaca for Media Deals and its European partners is growing bigger! “Our goal is to build a strong and vibrant FIWARE community as well as a corporate partnership program to get larger companies involved right from the beginning”, discloses Berlin.

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Unique Opportunities, Great Expectations: What’s in it for the FIWARE Startups

Investors are usually very honest and highly-experienced market actors that provide startups with excellent feedback on their business idea and plan.

Is there a recipe for success? According to Berlin, yes. “You need to have a clear idea of your product, the problem it solves, the market potential, your business model, and a good plan how to use your money to bring the product into the market. Add a strong team and a lot of passion for your idea and you will find not only an investor, but the most valuable ally in your battle for success.

Metavallon as an integral part of the FI Business Success Story

At Metavallon, we’re excited to be working with Media Deals and our amazing network of European partners on a program that aspires to empower startups, help them grow their network, and connect them with possible investors. After all, it is something that we’re passionate about!

And this is a success story that both the team at Metavallon, Media Deals, and our programme partners can be proud of: over 150 startups have already been through 2 Bootcamps, countless ePitches, and 7 Investment Forums as part of the FIWARE Accelerator Programme.

Even more, we’re thrilled to see the team at Media Deals recognizing our excitement, expertise, and catalytic contribution in the FI Business Program’s success: “The work with Metavallon on FI Business is just fabulous! We created already a huge impact on the quality of startups we see in the FIWARE community. Without the competence of Metavallon in startup acceleration and networking, this success would have not been possible.

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From Connections to Deals: 3 Tips on how to Attract Investors’ Attention

You may be spending your time trying to grasp what investors want. Seven Investment Forums in, we asked Alexander Berlin to share 3 quick pieces of collected FIWARE wisdom to help aspiring startups create a pitch-perfect presentation:

Be prepared –You need to have all relevant information about your startups at hand and know how to sell it in a minute.
Be social – Build your network by presenting at investment forums and join a good accelerator programme to create market traction.
Be passionate – Find the emotional trigger behind your idea that drives you and your team and share it with your investor.

Now, you’ve got the real deal on Media Deals. Stay tuned as we bring you more exciting updates from our joint game-changing European activities around Europe!

Until then, you can always enjoy a blast from the past:

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