The Game is On: The Accelerator Returns and is Calling to all Growth-Thirsty Startups!

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Guess who’s back? Metavallon is happy to Press Start on the new cycle of The Accelerator, its rigorous, high-speed program that aims to empower European startups thirsty for growth and, of course, investment.

The Accelerator 2016 will be offering an intense four-month business acceleration process to select early-stage startups that are geared up for success and are ready to take-off. Our aim: to get game-changing startups and dedicated entrepreneurs into high gear and transform them into powerful investment-worthy startups with a wide global reach.

This year, the stakes are higher as we aim to arm participating startups with what truly matters in business: market traction and creative execution. For our startups, investment is a tool rather than a goal. We will be working together to build powerful market presence, create a scalable business, and secure follow-on funding – making sure our participants get the right results, fast!

Essentially, we empower founders to create phenomenal companies.

What to expect when you’re accelerating

Building on the two previous series, The Accelerator 2016 will offer the participating teams an even more powerful setup and greater perks through its global Program Allies. Need proof?

Here’s what our redesigned third cycle includes:
● the support, experience, and know-how of the most talented and accomplished professionals, mentors, and startup experts
● amazing targeted networking opportunities and unrivaled exposure within the European market and the one across the pond – yes, we mean the U.S!
● exciting possibilities to get market validation and traction through mighty partnerships with international industry leaders
● an international mission that aims to empower startups with mighty partnerships and to get them pitch perfect
● the incredible opportunity to meet and pitch to engaged individual and institutional investors around the world
● €22.000 in funding and over $200K in perks and services to get our accelerated startups started


The Game is Officially On

Applications are now open with our early round closing on March 30 and final submissions running until April 27. The program will launch on June 6 and will last until mid-October, including a unique 1-month metavallonus mission to… we love a bit of drama and intrigue, so we’ll keep the drums rolling for this one – read on!

The startups that qualify from the initial selection rounds will be invited to get to know and engage with us by participating in our highly-anticipated Interview Spree as part of our final selection round. Our Experts and Investors will also be present during the interview rounds, making the Spree a great opportunity for all participating startups to start training.

Through the looking glass

The re-energized Accelerator 2016 will be on-boarding startups in the hottest up-and-coming and trending fields.

By this we mean:

  • Fintech
  • Enterprise & B2B
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things
  • Automated Transportation
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning
  • Cloud services & SaaS
  • Telecommunications & Mobile
  • Energy & Cleantech
  • Health & Biotech
  • Science

All tech startups are welcome – yet the above are the ones we play best with.

What else do you need to make it in the Accelerator?

Commitment, big ideas, eagerness for execution, and a flair for strategizing and game-planning will be highly considered. Here’s what will take applications to the next level:
● a dedicated team
● a functional product or service (beta or high-fidelity prototype)
● some initial market traction and user feedback
● a business model that can scale fast
● vision – a concept that can go big

The Accelerator 2016 – An Offer You Can’t Refuse

The startups that make it to the city that never, ever sleeps –Athens– will be enjoying the legendary Greek summer and:
● Guidance and one-to-one execution coaching through a global network Experts and Investors – including growth training (all new!) for your business
● Targeted networking within Europe and internationally
● Market Alliances with Ericsson and international industry leaders
● One month startup mission in San Francisco and Silicon Valley
● Work and meeting space for 6 months at the center of Athens through Orange Grove
● €22.000 in pre-seed funding

Plus, mind-blowing perks courtesy of our remarkable Program Allies to help participants skyrocket their success:
● $10-120,000 in Microsoft Software and cloud services on Windows Azure
● $100,000+ in PayPal and Braintree free transaction volumes through Startup Blueprint
● $3,000 in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
● $100 in oDesk services plus free recruiting support and training on how to hire freelancers

Many more to be announced so keep your feeds up-to-date with the latest content coming from our blog and social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Linkedin.

Till we have more news from you, Press Start and get ready to accelerate.

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