The Game Plan


Want to lean more about what to expect from the program?

Here is the Game Plan for The Accelerator 2016 – from the application stage to the finish line.

Before The Accelerator

Work through the application – We are now accepting applications up until April 27, 2016, 23:59 GMT. Get started with the application, look into the tips on how to apply successfully, and give it some time; we look forward to seeing the cool stuff you have been up to with your team!

Prepare for action – The Accelerator is an action-packed program with demanding schedule and expected results. Here are 3 things to do beforehand so that you make the most of it:

  • Take on a tech development sprint to finish off critical pending issues
  • Work through your user analytics and make sure you have the necessary tools in place
  • Decide what your expectations and goals are for The Accelerator and the upcoming 4 months

We will be sending you some prep info before the launch as well!

During The Accelerator

Action-packed and opportunity-full, The Accelerator is structured in 4 stages to guide results and help us achieve the b·e·s·t we can within those four months:

Boosting (2.5 months)  –  Shape up and implementation. In brief, this is our intensive work stage with weekly startup business workshops, mentoring and coaching sessions, pitching, and networking.


Expanding (1 month)  –  Prep and trip to Silicon Valley. As we invade this notorious startup space, we learn how to do business in the US, engage with  founders, visit startups, participate in events, and of course pitch of investors!


Securing (2 weeks)  –  Refining and growth prep. At this stage we incorporate the massive feedback received, finalize materials and tools, and work on closing deals and raising our target funds.


Transcending (1 day)  –  Demo Day. This is our powerful closing to an intense journey, with experts, partners, and investors participating both from Greece and internationally – one day to rule them all!


2016 Schedule

Below you may find an overview of our for The Accelerator 2016. Here are the dates to keep in mind:



March 2, 2016

Call for applications

March 30, 2016

Early application deadline

April 27, 2016

Final application deadline

May 20, 2016

Invitations to the Interview Spree

June 1, 2016

Top 10 invited to our exlusive Bootcamp

June 6, 2016

The Accelerator Bootcamp

June 20, 2016

Launch of Stage I – Boosting (training, networking, implementing)

September 2016

Stage II – Expanding (Preparation and US mission)

October 2016

Stage III – Securing (refining, shaping up)

mid-October 2016

Demo Day


After The Accelerator

With eyes wide open, this is rather a beginning!

This process may have come to an end, yet our network and support will always be there for our driven participants and their startups.
It takes time, effort, and certainly lots of fun to build a great startup; and we are there for you all the way – from the moment you start developing the concept into a business opportunity, to the moment you know you have made it! 

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 The Accelerator?