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Yiannis Mavraganis

Yiannis has over fifteen years of experience in software development as member of teams that delivered mission critical applications (customer relationship management, rules based decision systems, online payment services, mobile games). Graduated from Technical University of Crete as software engineer he has worked as developer and software architect in large corporations and software startups. Passionate with agile philosophy he founded in 2013 Agile Greece, the most active and largest Agile/Scrum community in […]

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Costas Kotsolakis

Costas is a developer-turned-senior-manager-turned-developer-again. He has an electrical engineering diploma from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and a PhD in computer science from the Dortmund University of Technology, Germany. Costas has spent half his career writing code and the other half managing 7-figure technical projects. In 2012 he resigned from his job to found TripTao, a clever hotel-search engine. Realizing that “one is not enough”, he left that aside in […]

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