Rewiring the SaaS industry – The Elioplus case study

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Elioplus is on the rise. The promising startup is taking off as it capitalizes on the benefits of business acceleration and empowerment: a strategic value proposition, a growth-driven action plan, and a bold vision about rewiring the SaaS industry.

The team of Elioplus has created a business development platform that enables software and SaaS vendors to recruit and manage their channel partners. Elioplus solves an existing problem that most vendors are facing. It is the challenge of recruiting new resellers that fit their needs, by taking into consideration crucial factors of their partner program structure, such as their revenue model, marketing material, and partner support.

It is a fully functional B2B platform offering a rapid and transparent way to access quality information on vendors and resellers, including rates, insights, and company reviews, and to leverage this information in order to generate effective business development leads internationally. Through Elioplus, vendors and resellers are also able to obtain targeted recommendations for the most fitting partnership opportunities and to open a direct communication channel to discuss collaboration.

And discovery is only the beginning.

From acceleration to take-off

Elioplus were selected to join the current cycle of The Accelerator, which started on June 1st  and ends in just a few weeks. The team received investment and since June they have managed to “walk” fast and efficiently. As part of the acceleration program they spent the whole of September in Silicon Valley, receiving feedback from investors and experienced venturers. This experience alone helped them realize the actual potential of their business in the global SaaS environment.

Now, the team is just about to complete The Accelerator and they are already planning their next steps: to change the way the software industry is doing business on the B2B side.

Building value around a trillion dollar market

Elias Ndreu, co-founder of Elioplus, has first-hand experience of the issues that this growing global industry is facing: “The biggest problem for creators in the IT sector is that they do not have a distribution channel in order to promote their products and solutions in international markets. Elioplus offers that particular solution. A vendor or a reseller can create their profile on the platform and based on the data they provide, our algorithm makes the best connections between them and speeds up the partnering procedure in just a few days. Our users can also collaborate and communicate using the tools available in their dashboard for their everyday tasks, such as sending marketing material and content to partners.

Unlike other solutions in our industry we aim to create a destination point and automate partnerships making business development affordable and accessible even for the smallest companies. Our complete solution helps business developers and channel managers to be more effective for their budget, gain time and focus on what matters most: their relationship with partners.”

Partnerships driving market traction

Enabling companies to grow through partnerships is both the value proposition and the core culture at Elioplus. The team is now leveraging partnerships with third party industry companies like ChannelEyes, business accelerators like Metavallon, and 500 Startups, as well as industry bloggers internationally.

Targeted promotion is also a big asset for this rising platform, utilized in order to attract more customers and to build a community of experts and industry professionals. Premium features allow customers unlimited access to the Elioplus database,  increased visibility to drive more leads, targeted matching through the Elioplus smart algorithm, and direct messaging and communication with partners.

For users that want to stay on the free plan and simply recruit new resellers, Elioplus offer an option to pay per lead generated. In the near future, new features will be added to offer vendors and resellers increasing value, from partner discovery to deal completion to channel communication management.

Growing a user-base with 25 % month over month

Elioplus have launched their public beta version in the last 8 months and have been growing since at an average of 25% month over month. They are on course to reach 1.000 companies on their platform over the next weeks. They have users from a certain number of countries and geographical regions, from the US to New Zealand, but they focus on bridging the gap between the US and Europe first and then continue with creating a global platform.

According to Elias Ndreu: “When we started Elioplus we never thought that we would be creating something that would end up being a primary tool for business developers and channel managers. We started out of our own need to have such a platform but we soon came to realize that this is a common problem among our industry. We have worked hard enough already and we are now progressing fast towards our goal: to create a complete solution for the professionals in our industry and make their work life better and easier”.

It is all about persistence and problem solving

As any other startup, Elioplus has gone through difficult times, facing challenges on most aspects of venturing. One of the most significant issues they had to deal with was team building. “Having a team that can execute fast is a very important thing when you are a small and young startup, so after an Alpha version with a different team we managed to bring together our current team that built our platform from the ground up” says Elias.

Right before joining The Accelerator, the Elioplus team was considering pivoting. “Doing small iterations on your project is very usual for startups and for this we have been close to our users from day one. Instead of pivoting from the original concept, we decided to continue working on our initial solution and continuously adjust to our users’ needs. This has proven a winning strategy”.

Looking to grow their business further, Elioplus found it difficult to build synergies.  According to Elias Ndreu: “Creating partnerships is something very important but being a small company means that most doors are closed. Having joined the program of an accelerator such as Metavallon’s gives you the opportunity to have access to important people in the industry and leverage this network to receive insightful feedback from mentors and advisors that otherwise you wouldn’t have access to. In addition, The Accelerator has helped us a lot to have a clear value proposition, action plan, and vision about our future steps so that we can articulate them well to our users, customers, and partners”.

Growing fast and steadily

Elioplus is now fast pacing to become the destination platform and the primary tool for business developers and channel managers. They are essentially creating the basic framework and the team has some significantly important plans: “What we are now doing for the software and SaaS companies we plan to do it for the hardware and the Internet of Things industry in 5 years time. In the coming future our goal is to win the market and become the #1 solution when it comes to developing your company globally” underlines Elias.

The Elioplus team was chosen by Metavallon and its investors to join The Accelerator for two main reasons. It was their insight and vision to bridge an important gap in a trillion dollar industry. And it was the determination of the team to work relentlessly and build a global business.

Elioplus is certainly one of the most promising Europe-born startups. Great plans and announcements are already at work, so stay tuned – or reach out and connect instantly!

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