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Press Release: The Accelerator Bridges Europe and Silicon Valley Empowered by US Investment and Growth Pioneer XponentialWorks

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April 26 2016 – Metavallon joins forces with XponentialWorks for The Accelerator 2016 in order to empower top-notch innovative startups to gain a U.S. edge and grow faster than the speed of light!

Growth is what makes or breaks a startup from its very infancy. The team at Metavallon embraces this indisputable fact and is proud to announce today its strategic collaboration with XponentialWorks.

The transformative partnership aims to ensure that the participants of The Accelerator 2016, Metavallon’s high-gear business acceleration program, get top training and valuable know-how to make it to the market and the funding race and build future-shaping companies that will create a huge and meaningful impact in the world.

Creating Superb Startups of Scale

The Accelerator by Metavallon is a challenging 4-month business acceleration process for select early-stage startups that are geared up for success, ready to take-off and aim at high growth.

The Accelerator 2016 is ultimately looking to empower visionary startups and pioneering entrepreneurs and transform them into investment-worthy businesses with a wide global reach. Growth-thirsty and international, The Accelerator 2016  lines up a set of powerful tools for startups, including over $220K in perks and services to pave the participants’ way to entrepreneurial success, €22.000 in pre-seed funding, and a stimulating one-month US Mission.

To make venture magic happen, this year Metavallon is teaming up with US-based XponentialWorks to create startups of scale. The amazing future-shaping talent of Europe will work with the evolution maker to enhance the capacities of forward-thinking companies, trace an unbeatable strategic direction for their business, and navigate successfully through the straits of change to become an exponential organization.

With noted futurist Avi Reichental on board as Founder, Chairman and CEO,  XponentialWorks surely knows how to lead the way towards the future. Need proof?  For the past twelve years, Avi served as 3D Systems President, Chief Executive Officer and Director. Under Avi’s leadership, 3D Systems emerged as a formidable global 3D printing provider with significant growth. Avi’s unique vision and strategy transformed the entire industry and resulted in the most comprehensive portfolio of design to manufacturing products and services, channels to market and global presence.

Metavallon and XponentialWorks To Promote Global Innovation

Democratizing access to cutting-edge technologies, placing innovation at the top of their agenda, and creating unmitigated social impact are just a few of the ways in which Metavallon and XponentialWorks will architect progress.

  • Fostering Disruptive Startups. Through their strategic partnership, XponentialWorks and Metavallon will work with Europe’s most inspiring venturing talent to spur and facilitate their innovative breakthroughs.
  • Challenging the Spacetime Continuum. Metavallon, with its wide International network,  and XponentialWorks, with its incredible global reach, will abolish geographical borders to create space for the rise of pioneering startups that focus on future-forward technologies.
  • Pushing Humanity Forward. Metavallon and XponentialWorks will rigorously support The Accelerator 2016 teams so as to transform them into high-impact ventures that work as catalysts for social prosperity.

As Avi Reichental, Founder, Chairman, CEO of XponentialWorks,  states:

Entrepreneurs know no boundaries or borders. We are focusing on harvesting the upside of disruption through seeding and scaling the very startups that are shaping the computing and actuating of the internet-of-everything. We see Europe as a powerful source of game changing startups with the potential to make the world a better place”.

XponentialWorks To Multiplex Results for The Accelerator Startups

XponentialWorks will work closely with inspiring companies and passionate entrepreneurial spirits around Europe in the IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Nanoscience fields. The mission to empower global evolution, lead innovation, harvest amazing tech-innovation, and disrupt the business world. During The Accelerator 2016, the firm will continue to fuel change in the startup universe through its:

  • High Capacity. XponentialWorks will collaborate with Metavallon during the selection process of The Accelerator 2016 portfolio startups to bring into the rigorous program strictly top-notch talent.
  • Exponential Expertise. The Accelerator 2016 founders will be benefited by an amazing one-time e-workshop with the charismatic Founder & CEO of XponentialWorks, Avi Reichental. The exhilarating session will also include a pitching and Q&A session to get founders geared up for meetings with investors.
  • Investment Acumen. XponentialWorks will actively support the growth of select The Accelerator participants. How? By choosing a team to invest in and join its Board!
  • Collaborative Spirit. XponentialWorks will enable the organization of The Accelerator’s 2016 US Mission, aiming to support founders to further build on their pitching capacities.

Skyrocket your Success: Step Into The Accelerator 2016!

Interested in accelerating at Xponential speed? To get the best of the game-changing alliance between Metavallon and XponentialWorks, submit your company for The Accelerator 2016 by April 27!

To find out more about the exciting opportunities The Accelerator has in store and venture forth, click here.


Notes to Editors

Metavallon  is a vibrant social enterprise that empowers and accelerates startups at their very early stages. Our mission is to uplift passionate enterprising spirits around the world and generate a powerful venturing movement across Europe. Towards this, we work on the ground with budding entrepreneurs to build capacities and networks, and are active ecosystem enablers via support services to accelerators across Europe, awareness campaigns, and research. Through these activities, since 2012, Metavallon has enabled over 320 founders in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Accelerator by Metavallon is a rigorous 4-month business acceleration program looking to gear up passionate founders to build a powerful market presence, create a scalable business, secure follow-on funding, and get the right results, fast. The Accelerator 2016 offers 22.000€ in pre-seed funding, over $220K in perks and services to participating teams, and a high-profile US mission to Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Applications are now open and final submissions are running until April 27.

About XponentialWorks

XponentialWorks is an expert advisory, venture investment and product development company that is focused on harvesting the upside of disruption by monetizing exponential-tech innovation and business model disruption. Since its inception, XponentialWorks curated a powerful portfolio of global companies that are committed to making the world a better place by architecting and commercializing impactful products, exceptional experiences, unique platforms powered by innovative business models that are computing and actuating the internet of everthing.

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