Nick Arvanitidis

b_nickarvanitidisRetired from the corporate world since 1995, Nick Arvanitidis is an active investor in startups, financial markets and real estate. Among his latest seed-investment activities, he is the Founding investor and non-Executive Chairman of Delpor Inc. and Glocu Inc. Delpor develops the next generation Drug Delivery Systems which improve the clinical and commercial value of new and existing drugs and biopharmaceuticals. Glocu is a […]

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Edgar Martinez Ceja_blackwhite_site (1)

Edgar Martinez Ceja

EdgaEdgar Martinez Ceja_blackwhite_site (1)r Martinez Ceja is Director of Operation for Univision Digital and extremely passionate for startups. Currently, he also spends his free time leading Bain Alumni Startups in New York City, a private network of Bain alumni who are interested in startups, either as founders, investors or advisors. Previously Edgar worked for Bain & Co doing management consulting for a diverse […]

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George Kartakis

kartakisGeorge Kartakis is the Manager for Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) in UK & Ireland for PayPal. He helps SMBs, Startups and Developers to understand their payment needs and monetize their idea.
He is advising and mentoring several startups across the globe. He was previously the Chief Information Office for a leading Software House in Cyprus and South Africa working with banks, insurance, security and investment partners. George is bringing the knowledge of […]

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Mariusz Jarzebowski

MariuszMariusz Jarzebowski is a founder who has worked in the high-tech industry in the US and the EU. He has worked in Silicon Valley at NeXT and Apple run by Steve Jobs, and in Poland at Microsoft.
He currently assists entrepreneurs to build companies and also helps companies start new ventures. He has founded a venture assistance firm in Warsaw and serves on the Supervisory […]

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Yiannis Kanellopoulos

Yiannis Kanellopoulos is Practice Leader Greece for Software Improvement Group, a Dutch management consultancy firm specialized in software matters. He holds a PhD from the University of Manchester, School of Computer Science. Yiannis helps international organisations managing their risks and costs related to either the procurement or the development and maintenance of their software systems. Yiannis is also a mentor at ALBA’s Venturegarden program and at Orange Grove, the […]

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Benno Groosman

With over 10 years of international experience as entrepreneur, mostly in the health tech and hardware field Benno Groosman is the Co-founder and Business Director of Surge-on Medical. Their focus is on funding and hardware development.
Prior to this, he was the leading founder and CEO of Salusion and built a startup that raised €1.4M in total from a mix of funding sources, creating 3 products with international patents and having […]

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Maria Kolitsida

Maria Kolitsida specializes in business innovation, growth, new strategy implementation and building strong partnerships. She demonstrates a unique combination of a science background, policy making and business development. Her company, Makgnus, develops Productivity Models for companies, by embedding cognitive neuroscience to business.
Before establishing Makgnus in 2012, Maria has worked for 7 years as a strategic lobbyist and policy maker in London and Brussels for leading companies in FMCG and pharmaceutical industry, such as the Coca […]

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George Karantonis

george-karantonisGeorge Karantonis is the CEO and shareholder of Motivian, a company offering Integrated IT Solutions in SE Europe which was initially incorporated under the name VCI. Prior to that, he had worked at Velti for 10 years, holding lately the position of VP of Sales for e-Government & Alliances. Previously, George was partner and General Manager of the Athens office for the consulting firm […]

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Yorgos Mousmoulas

mousmoulas-200x200Yorgos Mousmoulas is the COO of Plegma Labs, a start-up in the Energy Analytics space developing “energy disaggregation” systems. Prior to Plegma Labs, he served as Investment Director at Attica Ventures, a €30m venture capital fund, where he covered the IT, Telecom, Microelectronics, Automation & Robotics, eCommerce, Logistics, and Medical technology sectors. There he sourced and screened over 500 investment opportunities, performed detailed business, technology, and financial due diligence, formulated investment proposals and […]

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