One Cloud to Bind them All — Meet, the Lord of the Clouds

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Clouds are everything, right? They make it rain, are the backdrop of some of our most inspiring Instagram shots, and most importantly keep our data safe. Finding the right cloud to store your dreams, data, and memories maybe be harder that you think. Enter, a revolutionary startup that aims to democratize the cloud by making it more accessible to all. Hard to believe their mission? Let us see how builds a stairway to software heaven.

How it all begun: When life gives you lemons, make clouds

Sometimes a good summer brainstorm is all you need. How is this connected to Founded in July 2013 by Chris Psaltis, Dimitris Moraitis, Mike Muzurakis, and Markos Gogoulos, sprung from the team’s own needs.
Back then, the team had a software consultancy called and they were building and supporting systems for their clients on several clouds. The team was rather small and response 24/7 was a challenge – not being able to lock somebody in front of their computer from dusk till dawn. And things got a lot cloudier when a member of the team would go on leave, to enjoy their well-deserved time under the sun.
We tried to get our job done using our smartphones and tablets, but we realized that it was not possible without big compromises. So we said, why not make this possible by building a tool that lets you act upon alerts from anywhere you are, no matter where you host your machines? Thus was born!”, remembers Mike Muzurakis, Co-founder and Community Manager at

A walk on the clouds: How works provides management, monitoring, and automation for servers across clouds. The platform emits actionable alerts so users can address operational issues from anywhere, using any web device.’s goal is to democratize the cloud by making it more accessible and reducing vendor lock-in. Its provider-agnostic API acts as an infrastructure abstraction layer, greatly reducing the overhead of changing between technologies and cloud providers”, explains Muzurakis.

By now, we know what you’re thinking: can cloud democracy be a real thing? Apparently yes as the platform is based on a freemium business model. It also features an open source software component that aims to become the de facto standard on multi-cloud management and event-based orchestration for small and medium-sized enterprises looking to increase their uptime to larger corporations trying to reduce complexity.

After all, “ provides a unified interface and API that simplifies infrastructure management while it’s advanced monitoring and orchestration features can increase uptime and reduce costs, infrastructure, and management overhead”, states Muzurakis.

Engineering Success: Teams, Community, and Acceleration

The founding team had a strong engineering background, each of them with their own traits. “Some of us were naturals in product design, while others had strong social skills. By focusing on our strong points and diversifying our knowledge, we were able to build a wonderful development, sales, and marketing team around us”, says Muzurakis.

After pinning the team down, knew it was time to open up their network and start working with like-minded people. “Inside strong communities, ideas bounce and evolve while experience is gained much faster. Mentors can help a lot in building a product and a business plan. Equally importantly though, a successful accelerator, such as Metavallon, can help you increase your network of contacts and set you on the right path to finding the right investor”.

Success vs. Failure: Mind the Gap

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the distance between failure and success, when in the startup world, can be really small. And in the typical startup way, has dealt a little bit with both during its early years. Mike Muzurakis describes how walking down the path to success was for the likes of Mi.stio “It often goes through hard times and tough decisions have to be made.

And if there’s a secret lesson to be learnt here, this would be all about finding the right balance—after all, every cloud has a silver lining. “Knowing when to push forward and when to quit can be hard to find. But pooling together resources and needs in order to set limits and team goals can go a long way in helping founders make the right calls.

Under the cloud of’s Wisdom

Almost three years in the battle towards a more democratic and user-friendly cloud, the team at have got their lessons down. And these two pieces of advice are signed, sealed, and delivered right from the governors of clouds:
Time is relevant: Move fast when creating your prototype and laying out your idea but take your time in making the right calls when it comes to accelerators and mentorship. Getting the right advice -and taking heed of it- can get you a long way in your path to success.
Look for the right investor: If you have the resources, take your time finding the investors that match your sector and attitude. A good match will not only bring money to the company but also a wealth of experience, contacts and even customers.

We’re on cloud nine with’s success and the amazing possibilities its platform offers and we’ll be bringing you more news from the sky. Till then, stay tuned!

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