Nikos Kontakis

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Nikos Kontakis

Nikos was born and raised in the town of Heraklion on the beautiful island of Crete. At the early age of 8 he copied his very first program in a DOS environment computer demonstrating precocious skills in programming and IT. Since then coding has become a way of life.  Highly interested in developing whatever kind of applications, with both quality of use and design, no matter what programming language is used. Fearless to explore new paths, take risks and get involved. He has finished his bachelor on Applied Informatics and Multimedia in 2006. During these studies and a trip for Leonardo program in Czech Republic, he met Lucie and the world of Archeology. During his Master studies in Graphic Arts and Multimedia Department at the Hellenic Open University of Patras, that ended in 2012, he met Dora. The combination and co-operation of Lucie, Dora and Nikos led to an amazing new path (Sophicus). At the moment he is lost in lines of code, for the multi-platform project of ‘Sophicus’.
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