#MetavallonUS2015 – The golden gates to global venturing for The Accelerator 2015 startups

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The Accelerator 2015 startups spent the whole of September in Silicon Valley. What have they acquired by visiting the “earth of venturing”? What would they suggest to other entrepreneurs who wish to make the most of visiting the Bay Area?

Since June, startups Elioplus, MyiArts, and RoadCube are on a life-changing mission: to accelerate and reach the global markets effectively. To that, they travelled to San Francisco and Silicon Valley for the whole of September, as part of the empowerment they receive from The Accelerator by Metavallon.


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In fact, this was the fourth consecutive year Metavallon venturers visited the startup hotspots in the west US coast. The purpose of this trip lies in the essence of venturing: discovery and progress. Our entrepreneurs sought to get familiar with the mentality of the people in the region, home to some of the world’s biggest technology companies. This mission is a tested and proven opportunity to meet with other entrepreneurs and investors, to learn from them, to discover different approaches to venturing, and finally, to become familiar with the principles of the demanding global market. Dimitris Calavassis is the founder and CEO at RoadCube: “After a month in San Francisco and Silicon Valley I feel that my entrepreneurial mindset has completely changed. The feedback we got was amazing and we are now working with RoadCube on a more advanced and effective basis“.

Quest for the unique feedback and inspiration

The three Metavallon startups had indeed a very busy schedule while in San Francisco. The 3 teams:

    • Met with angel and institutional investors.


  • Visited tech giants and connected with executives.



  • Took part in events like hackathons, meetups, and networking cocktails.



  • Joined numerous pitching sessions.



Above all, they became familiar with the vibrant startup ecosystem there and engaged with professionals, who brought significant insights and made a difference, including investors, experienced entrepreneurs, and corporate executives. “Spending a month in Silicon Valley was a unique venturing experience. We met some truly inspiring people (investors, entrepreneurs) whose feedback we are taking in careful consideration“. Dulce Guarda is a co-founder at MyiArts. Dulce was also privileged to pitch part of what her company is doing during TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon event while in San Francisco.

Elias Ndreu is the co-founder of Elioplus. He refers to this trip as an enlightening experience. “Silicon Valley is the Mecca of startups. No matter where you are based, becoming familiar with the mentality of the people there is more than important. We gained so much from meeting with investors and successful entrepreneurs.

Elias, Dulce, Ivan, Dimitris with their startups are now on route to receive the final rounds of investments and complete the current cycle of The Accelerator.

Sharing knowledge with other founders

With their luggage full of useful feedback, The Accelerator 2015 startups are privileged to share with the rest of the world the most important insights they came across while in the US.

Elias Ndreu (Elioplus) said he will always keep in mind what successful entrepreneur Elena Patra shared with them as advise: “First impression is always the most important for your users/customers. If you dissatisfy them it is very difficult to bring them back to your solution or product.”

First learn everything about your market. Test your product and then look for funding” is for Dimitris Calavassis (RoadCube) the only way to get things done effectively.

Last, Dulce Guarda (MyiArts) quotes advice given to her by an experienced investor: “Knowing what you want is more important than knowing what you know“.

Coffee and investor insights with the legendary Nick Arvanitidis! #metavallonus15

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Μια φωτογραφία που δημοσίευσε ο χρήστης metavallon (@metavallon) στις

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