Metavallon and Mozilla's WebFWD: an exciting new partnership

Metavallon and Mozilla’s WebFWD: an exciting new partnership!

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Metavallon and Mozilla's WebFWD: an exciting new partnership
Traditional startup accelerator and incubator models aren’t designed to address the demands and advantages of open innovation. WebFWD is uniquely positioned to share Mozilla’s experience and skill with world-changing, mobile-focused web startups, and stunningly radiates its mission-driven philosophy towards greater societal progress. Does this resonate with Metavallon? Absolutely.

And absolutely: we are thrilled with the birth of this new partnership. What we aim to build together is a framework of support for Greek tech entrepreneurs whose ventures promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web. After visiting WebFWD’s headquarters in San Francisco last week and meeting with their program manager, Diane Bisgeier, we couldn’t be more excited as to what this partnership holds for aspiring Greek entrepreneurs!

Are you ready to jumpstart your technology vision into a business and think Mozilla could help? Apply now to Metavallon’s startup idea development program (deadline: November 5 @ 23:59).