Maria Kolitsida

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Maria Kolitsida specializes in business innovation, growth, new strategy implementation and building strong partnerships. She demonstrates a unique combination of a science background, policy making and business development. Her company, Makgnus, develops Productivity Models for companies, by embedding cognitive neuroscience to business.

Before establishing Makgnus in 2012, Maria has worked for 7 years as a strategic lobbyist and policy maker in London and Brussels for leading companies in FMCG and pharmaceutical industry, such as the Coca Cola Company and GlaxoSmithKline.

With a wealth of experience from various business industries including consultancy, technology start-ups, FMCG, pharmaceutical and education, Maria can transfer skills and systems to enhance the core business innovation and growth processes.

She is now mentoring startups at Metavallon’s The Accelerator uplift program for startups.

Connect with Maria on LinkedIn.