Into the Spotlight – Greek startups killing it in San Francisco

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“Don’t work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.” -H. Jackson Brown, Jr

What really makes a startup stand out and attract interest during big events or the attention of the media?

Act, Participate, Communicate

Sharing engaging stories is the best way to attract media attention, whereas doing amazing things is a free passport to success during a major event. This is the recipe that The Accelerator 2014 startups (AfterSearch, liateR, Missum, Sensorflare) are staying true to and had them do exceptionally well during their stay in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley this September. Let’s take a closer look at the attention and visibility these amazing teams attracted while in the Bay Area.

A “snap-chat” with #AppTownBoy on ANT1 WebTV

#AppTownBoy is a fresh and rising program for technology, apps, and startups on, ANT1 WebTV in Greece. Its presenter Panagiotis Chatzidakis, an experienced and successful entrepreneur himself, reached out for a quick chat with The Accelerator 2014 startups while they were in Silicon Valley. And arranged this we did (Min in: 03:55, video in Greek only):

The four founders were happy to share what their US mission was all about, why The Accelerator was so important, and what they expected as an outcome of this enchanting trip.

Sensorflare interview on popular Boston radio station

WNTN 1550 is a widely-followed radio station addressing the Greek-American community in Boston and the area of New England. Radio hosts of the targeted show “Graecian Echoes” were thrilled by the fact that startup founders from Greece were spending an entire month doing business in Silicon Valley and they asked to interview Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, founder of Sensorflare.

Ioannis excitedly accepted the invitation and enjoyed a nice discussion with the awesome hosts. He explained the reasons of this trip to San Francisco, details of his startup, and the benefits of participating at Metavallon’s The Accelerator program. Additionally, he talked about the strengths and weaknesses of the Greek startups, mentioning that he is confident Greek entrepreneurs have the talent and the knowledge to build successful and impactful ventures!

Insight to share: It is the interviewee who controls the story being said. Rather than the journalist. A lot of startup founders tend to forget this.

liateR strikes top two prizes at SVCWireless powered by IBM

SVCWireless is a notable organizer of technology initiatives in San Francisco promoting rising startups from around the world. It is widely supported by corporate giants such as IBM, Ericsson, Cisco, and Huawei, in an effort to help innovators establish brand and market awareness in the US – as well as in China -, to connect with government organisations, to promote products and services, and even to recruit talent.

This year’s conference and contest on September 27, 2014, was on how tech companies can monetize on the “next billion connections” to be established in the coming years with people and consumers from developing countries.

liateR, one of our startups at The Accelerator 2014 program, was among the 15 new technology companies that presented their products and services as part of the competition – and was eventually selected as one of 6 finalists of the competition. “Susha” Antonis Argyros, founder οf liateR, managed to draw everyone’s attention not only with his engaging pitch but also with his innovative approach towards the future of the retail business.

The response and result was overwhelming: Antonis was proudly awarded with the two top prizes of the competition, the first for the most popular startup at the event (People’s Choice) and the second for the best consumer solution!

Insight to share: Never underestimate yourself. Be confident no matter who is sitting in front of or next to you.

The Sensorflare Genie winning the 1000USD Dataweek award

1000 USD and a great deal of amazing feedback was Sensorflare’s award for creating the Genie at the DataWeek + API hackathon in San Francisco, which took place between September 12 and 17. A leading Silicon Valley hackathon event for innovators, DataWeek gathers the most impactful hack enthusiasts.

Ioannis Chatzigiannakis of Sensorflare and the rest of the team worked non-stop for 22 hours on creating the Genie, an awesome voice-activated solution to control your smart home. Of course with this swift project the team wanted to showcase their mastery of this amazing technology and their infinite capacity in producing something innovative and fully functional within a limited time and specific constraints. Check out the video and learn more about what the Sensorflare Genie is all about!

Insight to share: Getting things done in a short period of time is one of the most challenging yet essential elements for startups to embrace.

Experience like no other during TechCrunch Hackathon & Disrupt SF 2014

With more than a few thousands participants each year, TechCrunch Disrupt and Hackathon is the hottest startup and technology event in San Francisco come September. Αwesome speakers, industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and outstanding startups share their stories during this five-day event. At the onset, during the Hackathon, coders and hackers from literally everywhere in the world combine their knowledge, expertise, and creativity to bring amazing projects to life.

All four startups from Metavallon’s The Accelerator 2014 program (ΑfterSearch, liateR, Missum, Sensorflare) were there, hacking their way to the Disrupt stage during the event. And yes, they made it!

What were their Hackathon projects about? From twitter-powered petitions to financial insights filtering, the founders-turned-hackers for the day presented their projects in front of thousands, received amazing response, and embraced the Silicon Valley enthusiasm towards innovation and technology – eventually winning their participation to the TechCrunch Disrupt conference!

Insight to share: At hackathons, three simple things can make the greatest difference: creating fast, and networking well, and presenting focused.

At Metavallon we are deeply proud of our startups at The Accelerator! During their stay in San Francisco they did amazingly well, captivating not only the media and audiences during events, but also investors and experienced entrepreneurs. More on this coming soon – stay tuned!

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