How a Startup is Re-shaping the Energy and IoT Industry

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A year ago, Vasiliki Ntampasi and Antonios Arvanitidis were testing algorithms at the Democritus University of Thrace in Xanthi, when they experienced an aha-moment that would engineer their future. In that very moment of joint insightfulness, they decided to turn their idea into a venture. Well, they wouldn’t be the first ones to do so, right? Yet, Vasiliki and Antonis had the will and grit to work ceaselessly to develop a product that would disrupt its target industry globally. And they are already steering their way through the Fourth Industrial Revolution with one ultimate destination: success.

Almost a year into their  brave entrepreneurial step, Vasiliki and Antonis have founded Tesibit, have entered The Accelerator 2016, have sealed down their first client and promising partnerships, and are currently roaming the innovation-packed streets of San Francisco and Silicon Valley. If you are interested in finding out more about how a startup can lead disruption, keep scrolling!

Engineering the Future – How it All Begun

What is vision, if not working towards shaping a better world? Most groundbreaking startups have built  their business on the foundation of this stance – take Space X and Google as bright and shiny examples. Tesibit is no exception.

In spite of being a newly founded venture, Tesibit is the brainchild of two deeply scientific minds long, involved in the field of Automation Control Systems at the Democritus University of Thrace. As young leading scientists, they were experiencing the rise of a new tech-filled era and they wanted to ride this nouvelle vague.

We felt that we were standing on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and we wanted to be an innate part of this future. We could tell that the need for automation and evaluation of the operational productivity of real-time systems was becoming all the more necessary. So we decided to apply intelligent behavior and optimal operation in applications belonging to the field of renewable energy sources and the supply chain,  aiming for optimization, energy saving, and environmental protection”,  supports Vasiliki Ntampasi, Co-Founder and CEO at Tesibit.

As such, the venture’s future-altering solution was developed as a proprietary intelligent controller for large-scale installations in the energy industry. Based on cutting-edge techniques and algorithms, the product is delivered in the form of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and combines the deep engineering knowledge and unique skills of its founders.

We have been dealing with the creation of automated and remote control systems since the beginning of our studies. Through these, we realized that there is a growing need for a full automation of processes with optimality guarantees”, adds Antonis Arvanitidis, Co-Founder and CTO at Tesibit.


Pioneering Innovation – How Tesibit Controls The Future

Drawing inspiration from the work of Ctesibius, an ancient Greek inventor and mathematician and a pioneer in the field of engineering and automation, Tesibit’s platform employs algorithms based on Big Data, Machine Learning, and true Advanced Process Control (APC). Its goal: to enhance the operation of large scale systems, such as wind turbines and bioreactors. And it does so with great accuracy and high efficiency.

But what gives Tesibit its disruptive edge? Unlike existing solutions, Tesibit is free of hardware, readily accessible on the cloud, and extensively customizable. And it is through these features and a unique combination of technologies that the Tesibit API can deliver an 11% increase in daily power production –over double that of equivalent solutions!

Existing services primarily employ hardware devices and techniques restricted to prediction and statistics, which have a limited effect in performance enhancement. Tesibit’s intelligent industrial controller outshines all existing solutions in technology, ease, and performance“, says Antonis Arvanitidis

How does the team manage to surpass existing solutions and expectations? It is all in the secret sauce of the Tesibit controller, which combines:

  • a pioneering combination of Machine Learning and APC techniques
  • unmatched real-time functions for identification and control
  • remote access and monitoring through a secure cloud infrastructure, and
  • extensive customization capabilities

Even more, apart from bringing powerful performance enhancement to large-scale installations in the renewable energy industry, Tesibit also serves as a valuable API to IoT energy management companies.

Gathering up Momentum – Joining The Accelerator and Growing The Team

In March 2016, Tesibit’s platform was up-and-running and the founding duo was looking for a way to scale up their venture. To this, the team applied for The Accelerator 2016. Three months later, the startup was invited to join our high-impact Launch Bootcamp, an experience that would eventually grant its team entrance to our rigorous business acceleration program and access to €22,000 in pre-seed investment.

What’s more, the program would put them in a results-driven path and would recalibrate the team’s thinking. In what way? “We used to deal with Tesibit like it was a scientific project so in a way we could not really grasp its full business potential,” underlines Arvanitidis.

“The Accelerator has presented us with invaluable insight and has geared up Tesibit for business growth. The most important of it all? Empowering us in the field of business development: from introducing our venture and what we do in a non-tech audience to developing our marketing strategy and fearlessly presenting our company in meetings with possible strategic partners, clients, and investors”, adds Ntampasi.

As a result, the team has grown to include one new uber-talented member and two high-end advisors. Eirini Arvatoglou, a marketer with expertise in Brand Identity and know-how within the IT and SaaS sectors, has joined the team in July as Tesibit’s Marketing Executive. And while Eirini is enhancing the venture’s  selling-edge, Edgar Martinez Ceja and Nikos Ipiotis of Plegma Labs, both brought in through Metavallon’s trusted network of Experts, are sharing their extensive knowledge in Business Development and Fundraising respectively.

Going International – How Tesibit Is Breezing Through The Global Market

So far, Tesibit has been powering through a life-changing mission to accelerate fast and get its innovative product into the global market. And where is the place that innovation and opportunity spring in every corner? San Francisco and Silicon Valley. To scale fast, the team is currently exploring the Golden Gates of venturing as part of this year’s high-impact Metavallon US Mission.

To date, the startup has taken part in Techcrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon, has visited the corporate headquarters of industry leaders, such as Ericsson and Google, and has been conducting meetings with potential partners and investors. On the market front, the team is about to seal their first big client, while a leader in the wind turbines industry, is on the way to start a pilot.

We do not want to spoil any major news yet, so stay tuned – more on Tesibit’s amazing achievements are coming soon in our dedicated US Mission blogpost!


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