Mentors and Experts

Our Mentors and Experts provide our participants and Fellows with the knowledge and support they need to develop their ideas into viable businesses. Highly successful in their professional or academic fields, they utilize their experience and expertise, to help guide the new entrepreneurs through the uncertainties of entrepreneurship and trouble-shoot issues as they arise.

Our Experts usually offer one or two highly specialized half-day seminars on a business development area per stage of the Start-up Series Program, and may be available for brief one-to-one consultations with our Fellows, should the need arises.

Our Mentors are paired with specific Fellows and tend to meet with their chosen / assigned mentees once or twice a month, for a total minimum of two hours, usually in person, or online. They utilize their experience and network to support the efforts of our Fellows, and they discuss issues their mentees may be facing, helping them develop the proper mindset to get over obstacles  and make the best of their Metavallon experience.
If you would like to be a Mentor or Expert for Metavallon and work with the country’s future leading entrepreneurs, join us now by contacting us through your social media of choice.