The future of global business development for software companies – Meet Elioplus

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elioplusnew2With experience from previous venturing endeavors, a team of four active professionals aims to disrupt the way software and SaaS companies are expanding their businesses globally. Let’s meet Elioplus, a bold startup selected to join The Accelerator 2015 cycle.

According to, it is estimated that 75% of total revenues in the software and SaaS industry come from channel partners such as resellers. Thus, companies are almost obliged to spend an average of 75 billion per year on channel expansion. To that, the team at Elioplus has a powerful solution.

Elioplus is disrupting the way software and SaaS companies do business development. Instead of using archaic solutions such as databases or expensive professional services, companies can now have an all-in-one solution to recruit and manage their channel partners” says Christos Mantzikos, one of the founders.

Through our B2B platform any vendor can find its channel partners and/or resellers. To that, we employ a proprietary match-making algorithm that takes into account more than 15 important criteria to make effective connections that will lead to partnerships. Vendors with partner programs can find their market share or penetrate new markets. On their side, resellers can easily find new vendors and compare solutions “under one roof”. Our aim with Elioplus is to integrate even more tools so that the entire partnership process, from discovery to management, becomes as seamless and as effective as possible”.

The broken link in the SaaS industry

The story behind Elioplus and how the team decided to build this promising startup is one of industry experience.

For more than four years, Christos and co-founder Elias Ndreu, were resellers of SaaS products, mainly in the fields of applications for the e-commerce sector. In an effort to widen their customer base, they were in a continuous quest for new quality products based on consumer trends. While doing extensive research, they soon came to unveil a broken link within this industry, a costly barrier to identifying and building fruitful partnerships.

Elioplus is a natural consequence from this frustrating process. We decided to bring vendors and resellers under one roof to create seamless partnerships. A primary tool for every business developer to grow a company and maintain a fruitful channel network”, says Elias.

En route to success with a competent team

Apart from the distinct dynamics of their venture, Elioplus were chosen to join The Accelerator because of the quality characteristics of their team. In fact, Elioplus was created as a combined effort of 4 people, two “techies” and two business guys.

Having worked for large companies such as ATCOM and Singular Logic and for independent projects, Vangelis Varvitsiotis, lead developer has extensive experience both on web and also on mobile environment.

Dimitris Kalogeros is responsible for the product development. His experience touches on numerous topics including big data analysis.

Christos Mantzikos is on the marketing side. His background is on marketing and economics. Then responsible for developing the business is Elias Ndreu, with a strong background on startups and software marketplaces.

Can they handle success or failure?

According to Christos Mantzikos “Our previous venturing experience has taught us a lot about success and failure. We are using this experience to shape our current strategy and grow our company. We understand that execution and moving fast are key factors to success. We realize we need to keep pushing the boundaries and never give up.

Moving forward effectively with The Accelerator

Elioplus joined the current supercharged cycle of The Accelerator on June. They have already identified the benefits of joining an acceleration program. Elias Ndreu says: “Being together with other promising startups and working with many industry experts is boosting our company. In the past weeks, we got enough feedback to reshape our product and overall strategy. We realized it is important, yet very difficult, to form partnerships with established companies.”

“With the help of Metavallon we identified more useful resources and became aware of what we need in order to grow our community with more early adopters and brand ambassadors.”

“Execution is what’s important for every startup”

Asked to advise other founders, Christos Mantzikos says: “It is known that the most common reason why startups fail is lack of execution. There is no point in having a great idea if you do not actually work for it the way you should. I would advise startup founders always to keep pushing towards the final goal and learn how to overcome frustration. They would need to keep their focus narrowed and be patient before they decide to go global.”

Releasing the power of the middleman

Ayn Rand in her signature book The Fountainhead said it best: “The shortest distance between two points is not a straight line – it’s a middleman. And the more middlemen, the shorter.”

Well, the team at Elioplus has certainly hit bullseye on this! On top of a structured platform that enables partner discovery and channel management, they are now creating a community of software and SaaS developers based solidly on their website. A place where people can interact with each other, share industry news and insights, exchange views and best practices, and begin fruitful collaborations. A community of distance-defying middlemen that bring amazing products and solutions at the right doorsteps.

Check out their community and join in!

Find out more about Elioplus and about The Accelerator.

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