Into the Spotlight – Greek startups killing it in San Francisco

The AcceleratorSharing engaging stories is the best way to attract media attention, whereas doing amazing things is a free passport to success during a major event. This is the recipe that The Accelerator 2014 startups (AfterSearch, liateR, Missum, Sensorflare) are staying true to and had them do exceptionally well during their stay in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley this September.

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From smart to intelligent living through the Internet of Things – The Sensorflare case study

The AcceleratorThe concept of Sensorflare is to go beyond automation, beyond merely smart objects, to create the habitat of intelligent living. As Marios Logaras, one of the three co-founders, describes: “We are working on a cloud service that enables connectivity with numerous smart objects, whether these are smart plugs, thermostats, activity trackers, smartphones.

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The Accelerator Startups – liateR in the Spotlight

The AcceleratorFor a seed stage startup in Greece, attracting international attention is an ambitious undertaking. It takes both a very strong product or service and a huge amount of communicative effort to engage the right people around in the world. Frankly, the founding team at liateR, a startup at The Accelerator program by Metavallon, are doing a remarkable job in this!

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liateR: How a startup overcomes obstacles in order to disrupt the apparel business

The AcceleratorRight in their high-yielding thirties, Antonis Argiros, Marianna Vakalopoulou, Evaggelos Pterneas and Stamatis Argiros are en route to changing the archaic ways of retail. The two brothers, Antonis and Stamatis, already carry over 15 years of experience in the apparel retail business, having successfully starting and been managing one digital and six physical stores with sports footwear, clothing, and accessories.

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Metavallon in the spotlight – June 2014 edition

The AcceleratorThe call came into our office and the voice on the other end was very energetic, almost giddy: “I am a journalist. I follow your work for quite some time now guys and I am amazed by the things you do. Can I pay you a visit in the next few days in order to have a short discussion for an article I plan to write?” “Of course,” I replied, “but before we meet, I want to make sure you are fully aware of Metavallon’s work and impact so far”.

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