Benno Groosman

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With over 10 years of international experience as entrepreneur, mostly in the health tech and hardware field Benno Groosman is the Co-founder and Business Director of Surge-on Medical. Their focus is on funding and hardware development.

Prior to this, he was the leading founder and CEO of Salusion and built a startup that raised €1.4M in total from a mix of funding sources, creating 3 products with international patents and having an annual turnover of almost €500k. He led a team of seven plus some interns and external organizations with about 50 extra people. He has learnt (the hard way) what works and what does not in the field of funding, organizational structure, customer relations and employees/team.

Since the unexpected bankruptcy of Salusion, he helps startup ecosystems in different places in the world. By sharing his experience and looking in “the kitchens” of many startups, he has broadened his skillset even more.
He is and works goal-oriented and cuts all waste in his activities. He is opportunity-driven and has a big network relevant for startups.

He is now mentoring startups at Metavallon’s The Accelerator to uplift startups.

Connect with Benno on LinkedIn.