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Microfinance: a tool for supporting small businesses and the social economy in Greece

The AcceleratorIn countries where the economy is reforming or is just unstable, an answer is sought for high-risk financing. Enter microfinance, a financing solution where specialized institutions back small businesses and would-be entrepreneurs with micro loans (microcredit). From France to Bangladesh, microfinance institutions (MFIs) have reached where the traditional banks could or would not, helping to improve standards of living, transforming communities, and empowering marginalized groups, particularly women, in some of the worst areas and markets in the world.

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A year developing the Greek Startup Ecosystem – Infographic

Hello world! We are excited to share with you our new infographic “A year developing the Greek Startup Ecosystem” that presents our work during our first year of operation. It is a glimpse into How our work was set up, When it all happen, Who participated in the different stages of our program, With whom we work together to realize this, and….What was this all about – our Impact.

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John Deliyiannis

John holds a bachelor in Computer Engineering and has been working as a web developer since 2004. A Ruby on Rails fanatic, he likes learning anything about technology and computers. He has already contributed in many open source projects and works with startups and companies worldwide. John is a co-developer in the Azouan team; he likes chewing up ideas and spitting out web applications.
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Charles Legrand

Charles Legrand spent 10 years with Swift where he managed the UK Ireland and Nordics, ME & India and South Asia – three challenging regions. His main focus was the commercial activity, planning, P&L and being part of the respective senior management teams. Charles Legrand is the founder of CN L & Associates specialising in planning, crafting and delivering Banking courses. His focus is building platforms concentrating on Relationship Management […]

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