#AskTheAccelerator: 4 Steps to Cashing In on The Accelerator 2016!

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In case you have missed the big news: The Accelerator by Metavallon is back – more rigorous and growth-thirsty than ever! To celebrate the news of our grand return to the acceleration world, we have decided to tweet about it during our highly-anticipated #AskTheAccelerator Chat.

And by “tweet” we do not mean that we simply started to send out short, snappy, and happy announcements about our call —that would make us dull. Instead we went ahead of the curve of usual expectations and decided to fuel our profile -and your feeds- with an entire chat dedicated to The Accelerator 2016. Our hush-hush intention: to share top secrets and exclusive news about this cycle with YOU: our avid venturers and followers.

To make tweeting more fun, we on-boarded our friends and Innovation Allies at Fundacity to act as our interviewing partner during this exciting and thrilling online event. The challenge was happily accepted on their part and by 14.00 CET on Thursday, March 24 the legendary #AskTheAccelerator Chat was live on the vast, unchartered, and super-interactive Twitter Universe.

We will not be sharing our entire chat with you – because we know you are a busy bee. Here are 4 exhilarating things about The Accelerator 2016 that we revealed exclusively to Fundacity during our conversation and are sharing now with you: ready, set, read on, and tweet them out!

#1 Be Part of the Evolution

Same old, same old, we think not. As you know, we are restless spirits and also we love hearing your feedback. Why? That way we learn, we evolve, and we develop better and further. It is a combination of these three ingredients that make our recipe for acceleration more magical and unique than ever this cycle around.

During our Twitter Chat, we revealed what is improved and what is entirely new on this installment of The Accelerator. In other words, here is is how together we will make greatness happen:

  • Take your venture to the market. It is no news that talent-driven and transformative startups are striving for market validation and traction. To make sure you mind this gap, during The Accelerator you will be working with great companies and inspiring Experts to build the missing link between your startup and the market and gear up for phenomenal market successLike it? Tweet it!
  • You get to choose us too. Yes, our action-packed Bootcamp is going more interactive than ever. So, if you are one of the 10 select finalists that will be traveling to Metavallon’s headquarters, apart from enjoying intensive training from our amazing Experts, you will get to know us deeper and choose if you want to work with us too. Eventually, acceleration is all about chemistry and finding the right fit!
  • Hit your aim for growth. There is a radical new feature that The Accelerator 2016 has to offer you. This year, you will enjoy targeted growth training on transforming your product to a business, tailored to fit the specific needs and goals of your team. Why get excited about this? Because we know you, aspiring applicant. We know that you need to get the right results, fast – and growth training is the highway!

#2: Seize your Growth Arsenal

Are you wondering how we stand out in the accelerator universe and why somebody should choose us? We have got three words for you: international, innovation-driven, business-minded.

First, we think and act globally. So your startup may be based in Europe, yet you will have the chance to cross the pond and explore a major ecosystem through our high-profile US mission. Even more, you will get to employ to the fullest our international arsenal of experts, investors, and allies!

Second, our valued Innovation Allies bring to your startup a lot more than just perks: they also create opportunities for innovative solutions, market entry, and partnerships for your venture.

Eventually, together we will work on what makes a brilliant startup and, in fact, a killer investment: beyond training, The Accelerator aims to empower you to bring results and build an inspiring business.

#3: Draw your Secret Weapon – Fundacity

If you know us at all, you will definitely know that we handpick our Partners and Allies. Everything we do, though, we do it for… you: we want only the best of the best to stand by your side!

So when it came down to choosing a platform that would make the application process easy for interested startups, we had a tough decision to make.

Research begun and finally Fundacity won by a rule of… two prodigious features – all lined up to energize your ventures. First, it offers you a cutting-edge platform that is super easy to use and showcase your remarkable work and vision. Most importantly, Fundacity is growing stronger as it is now part of Gust, the digital leader in deal flow management serving investors from prospect discovery to portfolio exit.

Bottom line: By entering Fundacity, you will join a huge international pool of active investors, willing to propel you further to success – founders rejoice!

#4: Hack your way to a Stellar Application

You often ask us if there is a recipe for success and finally we are giving it away: great applications are a combination of passion, talent, and grit. Here is what we mean:

  • Passion thrives in teams. Show us if you have what it takes to make magic happen. Share your vision, flash your feats, introduce us to each member of your team.
  • Talent improves with execution. And execution is the highway to innovation and, ultimately, success.
  • Grit gets founders going and growing! As a founder you need to think big, start small, have a plan to grow fast, and be eager to work hard.

Do you enjoy our tweets? Catch our #AskAFounder Twitter Chat on April 7. This time The Accelerator alumni take the stage to share with your their stories from the dark side of the moon – Stay tuned!

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