Tesibit_Slogan-01_smallThe concept: Tesibit provides to large-scale installations in the renewable energy industry a cutting-edge service for performance enhancement. Applied to wind turbines and to bioreactors alike, the Tesibit SaaS platform uses machine learning and true Advanced Process Control technology to continuously monitor operations, assess productivity, and boost in real-time the performance of the system. The cloud-based service delivers up to 11% increase in daily production and boasts superior accuracy and overall efficiency results.
The […]

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MyiArts bridges the gap between rising artists and art enthusiasts. Artists find it hard to promote their art online without being known or having industry connections. They want recognition, inspiration and connection. On the other hand Art Enthusiasts find it difficult to find unique and affordable art online and they find it hard to express their art tastes online. Both find it difficult to […]

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roadcube logoThe concept: RoadCube is a mobile platform that enables drivers to discover and acquire the best services and goods for their vehicle while on the road. Covering daily needs and emergency support alike, the versatile RoadCube mobile app instantly connects drivers with thousands of car serving companies, from gas stations and parking lots to road assistance. Users can compare current fuel prices in their […]

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The concept: Elioplus connects software and SaaS companies that offer partner programs with resellers, VARs, distributors and API developers.The focus is to create a platform where you can discover great partnership opportunities with ease and efficiency. You can search between different industries to find the right programs that fit your company needs and read respective reviews and ratings from other users to help you […]

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The Concept: The Sensorflare (previously Spark Works) vision is to make life automation a reality. Using existing technologies, the solution bridges protocols and automates appliance management with minimum effort required from the user. The platform is based on extensive research on the Internet of Things, sensor automation, and Semantic Web, as well as on the successful installation and operation of devices across a group of clusters including houses, offices, public […]

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The Concept: Missum is an artificial intelligence service that delivers stories that interest you, straight to your mobile phone, with a unique twist: its ability to detect and unveil the varying sides of a story. Swiftly select interests, and you get targeted content along with clearly indicated counter-articles on each story you are reading. With Missum, it is easy to get the big picture and gain deeper insight, without spending […]

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The Concept: Based on a virtual fitting room solution, liateR aims to revolutionize retail sales for brands and shop-owners alike in the apparel and accessories market. The MVP, which is already operating in 6 stores, features gesture control, voice recognition and augmented reality technologies to create an environment where consumers can digitally try on and buy clothing. At the same time, the solution may combine data that is automatically collected for […]

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Coffree is a smartphone application that offers its users a free coffee for every coffee they pay! They are creating a network of cafés all over Attica and then Greece, with a plan to… conquer the whole world. They are starting with a free android app, and very soon they will have an iOS version, that helps people drink more coffee in more places, and cafés get more clients and revenue. […]

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Blendo_openlogo_600_300Blendo is a cloud data platform that empowers companies to build, maintain and use a single view of all the data they have access to. It allows you, to link and remix data coming from any data source, internal or external and any API. It allows you to easily load the data to your data warehouse or export the it to services like […]

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