Acceleration in Silicon Valley: How Tesibit Rocked the #MetavallonUSMission2016

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On September 7, Vasiliki Ntampasi, Co-Founder and CEO of Tesibit, landed for the first time in the U.S. The occasion: to spend an entire month at the Mecca of venturing, a.k.a. San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The goal: to rock the high-profile #MetavallonUSMission2016. The question: Did the team make the best of it?

If you are at all accustomed to The Accelerator’s superstar investee team, it should come as no surprise that Vasiliki did indeed seize this empowering opportunity to the fullest. In fact, she built upon it to plot out fruitful grounds for the venture’s future progress.

And here is proof: Tesibit’s co-founder came back with a suitcase full of effective feedback, enhanced capacities, and amazing prospects for potential market alliances and investment. Vasiliki also managed to snuck in her suitcase 3 gaming-changing insights from her time spent across the Atlantic. To open up Tesibit’s box of newly found wisdom, read on!

Chapter 1: Joining the U.S. Mission

In June 2016, Tesibit embarked on an exhilarating and life-changing adventure: to scale up fast and reach global markets effectively. To do that, The Accelerator by Metavallon offered its select startup the incredible opportunity to join the fifth installment of the amazingly rigorous #MetavallonUSMission2016.

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The core purpose of the trip lies in the very essence of The Accelerator: exploration, empowerment, and progress. While on U.S. ground, Tesibit explored the mentality of successful entrepreneurs, market allies, and investors  who are active in the Bay Area and San Francisco. And in these meetings with them, the team received invaluable feedback and insights, discovered alternative approaches to business-making, and revealed the secret mechanisms that move the global market.

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Chapter 2: What happened in Silicon Valley

The highly innovative and disruption-driven entrepreneurial ecosystem in Silicon Valley kept the team busy and all fueled-up throughout their transatlantic stay.

“Our U.S. Mission was truly an unfathomable experience – one that it is hard to bounce back from. Silicon Valley is truly the motherland of startups. It is an active, dynamic, vivid, and astonishingly interactive ecosystem that entices any startup founder. Opportunities to learn and grow spring even in the most unlikely of places. One minute you may be working on your pitch at a local café and the next you may be pitching to the person sitting right next you because they can be anything: from a fellow startup founder to a possible lead or even a private investor”, says Ntampasi.

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Apart from making the best of the impromptu opportunities that came along their way, Tesibit worked passionately towards disruption, scale-up, and progress with an agenda full of events, meetups, meetings, and pitching sessions. Want to know more about the team’s thriving results? During the #MetavallonUSMission2016, the team:

  • Participated in rigorous innovation-driven hackathons, such as the Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2016 and the API: World Hackathon.
  • Had the chance to meet with the masterminds behind future-shaping ventures and groundbreaking institutions, such as Numenta and Silicon Valley Clean Water.
  • Presented its cutting-edge solution to high-level Ericsson professionals. Tesibit also received insight of inestimable value on automation, growth, and strategy as part of the Swedish tech giant’s partnership with Metavallon.
  • Connected with inspiring U.S.-based startup founders who shared their business experience and invaluable advice with the team at Tesibit, including Greek startup Bugsense, which was acquired by OI colossus Splunk, and Argyris Zymnis, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Twitter.
  • Met with Randy Williams, Founder and CEO of Keiretsu Forum, a global investment community of accredited private equity venture capitalists, angel and corporate/institutional investors.
  • Joined numerous pitching sessions and received useful feedback and significant insights by mighty angel and institutional investors and members of the Metavallon US network, such as Niko Βonatsos of General Catalyst Partners, Nick Arvanitidis, founder of the Silicon Valley Greek Seed Funding Group.
  • Caught up with the latest trends in the field of technology by visiting two leading tech giants, namely Tesla Motors, Twitter, and Google.

Chapter 3: Lessons Learnt, Precious Feedback, and Inspiration

With 15 meetings and networking events along with 2 high-impact international hackathons, Vasiliki has accumulated unbelievable knowledge, which she passed down on to Tesibit’s co-founder Antonis Arvanitidis. While certain information will remain confidential between them, Vasiliki is excited to share her most significant insights from her days in the Bay and the Valley:

#1. “If you can’t keep the pace, you can’t win the race”

Starting your own startup may look like a marathon, yet Silicon Valley gears up founders for a long sprint. “The ecosystem in Silicon Valley works in a very different way. The work pace is so much faster that is overwhelming- at least in the beginning. The good thing: the startup community and the overall atmosphere is so open, cool, and captivating that you start immersing yourself in it from the first moment you land in the East Coast”, shares Ntampasi.

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#2. “Network till you drop”

To paraphrase Melisandre, the infamous Red Witch of Game of Thrones, the Valley is hot and full of networks. “The entrepreneurs and investors of Silicon Valley are true masters in networking, which I found is  an integral part of the unique culture of the startup community there. To me, this is something that every startup founder needs to be prepared for and take advantage of when visiting San Francisco.”

“ Personally I had the chance to hone on my communication and presentation skills and, more importantly, introduce Tesibit to inspiring entrepreneurs and knowledgeable investors.  Overall, I think that founders in Silicon Valley are  always open to talk about their ventures, while investors do not just keep their eyes on the money but in the vision and the purpose your product serves”, underlines Ntampasi.

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#3. “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

One of my most treasured experiences from the trip to the U.S. is my meeting with Ericsson. Meetings in Silicon Valley are known for their casual style and laid-back vibe and so I crossed the threshold of Ericsson’s headquarters with that in mind. Minutes later, I was ushered into a room with 5 top-level and all-suited-up professionals from the company’s R&D and Internal Projects departments. At first I was immensely shocked. So, I took a deep breath and just started presenting Tesibit’s solution to them”, recalls Ntampasi.  

What’s the bottom line here? You need to be fearless and quick to face any given circumstance, and be ready to adapt your pitch on occasion – that way, you will certainly seize the life-changing opportunities Silicon Valley offers to every startup founder.

Chapter Four: Epilogue – What comes next

It is true: the Golden Gate of venturing is always open in San Francisco. And the opportunities that arise around the Bay Area are indeed golden – at least, they certainly have been so for Tesibit.

Our U.S. Mission has been the wind beneath our wings: we are close to striking up a deal with our first international client. Investment-wise, the field looks equally promising on locking in seed-funding as we have earned the vigorous interest of two private investors”, enthusiastically states Ntampasi.

Eventually, when it comes to startups and growth, we may have to argue with the internationally renowned Greek poet Kostas Kavafis, sometimes the journey is really just about the destination.

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