About Metavallon


metavallon | μεταβάλλον (Classical Greek, pres. part.) transforming; bringing change


Metavallon is a social enterprise that provides early stage entrepreneurs with a supportive structure to develop, launch, and solidify their ventures.

Our Activity

We work on the ground with budding entrepreneurs to build capacities and networks. Through our three-tier program, The Lab – The Accelerator – The Hub, we seek to empower talented aspiring entrepreneurs in Europe, expose them to experienced entrepreneurs, experts and investors, and provide them with the necessary resources to start and skyrocket their own businesses.

As active ecosystem enablers, we lead support services for select accelerators across Europe through bootcamps, e-pitches, and investment forums. And on a higher level, we develop awareness campaigns and research to further the understanding both of aspiring entrepreneurs and ecosystem actors.

Our mission: to develop and transform the ideas of aspiring entrepreneurs into thriving new ventures.

Our vision: a culture of innovation and high impact, quality entrepreneurship, a business environment of vibrant talent and growth, a society of venturing spirit and civil awareness.

A Brief History of Metavallon Time

Metavallon was created as a resolution to the frustration of young educated Greeks amidst the crisis and the onset of what has been a devastating brain drain. Our aim was to create an entrepreneurial movement in our home country, Greece, and help zealous Greeks envision again their future here. We truly believe that great untapped talent and ideas lie within Greece and across its boarders; and in a rapidly evolving world with seemingly more problems than solutions, it is vital to cultivate a society of venturers as a viable way out of the dead ends presented before us.

During our dynamic journey and efforts the past 4 years, we have grown not only our network across borders, but also our reach and impact. For the first time in 2013, with the launch of our redesigned and re-invented program series, we connected with budding entrepreneurs internationally and made our supportive and nurturing offering available to all those who share this passion for venturing. And in 2014, in line with our commitment to strong partnerships, we launched collaborations that enabled both training and investment to frame our startup acceleration program. The same year we joined the Future Internet Business project, extending our work to provide acceleration support services and expanding our reach and direct impact across Europe. We have also spearheaded numerous initiatives, awareness campaigns, and research projects throughout the years, and have been honored with remarkable partnerships around the globe.

Through our work and continuous evolvement, we aim to:

  • Address critical challenges faced by early stage entrepreneurs: entrepreneurial education and training, entrepreneurial models and mentorship, networking, access to startup financing
  • Create successful ventures that become models of innovation, high impact quality entrepreneurship and social enterprises for Europe
  • Broaden professional opportunities particularly for talented university graduates
  • Engage a community of entrepreneurs, business professionals, academics and thought leaders from Europe and internationally, towards the development of entrepreneurship in Europe – and around the world
  • Reveal the power and potency of venturing

By mobilizing the global community and leveraging the potency of venturing, we, at Metavallon, empower aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors, add value through their pioneering products and employment opportunities, and ultimately provide a boost to the economy and the society overall.

And we look forward to have you join us; together, we can become a powerful metavallon factor in the world we live in!


* Metavallon is a civil non-profit entity (αστική μη κερδοσκοπική εταιρεία) registered in Greece.