“A big part of entrepreneurial process is just staying in the game” – Insights from our startups in Silicon Valley

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How much can you absorb in 25 days in Silicon Valley? How many people can you speak to? How many events can you attend? How many investors are willing to offer their time for your venture?

The answer is a single one and it is fairly simple: A LOT!

The founders of The Accelerator 2014 startups (AfterSearch, liateR, Missum and Sensorflare) spent the entire September in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, acquiring the most useful insights and experiences to develop their ventures. Α month full of revelations for people with a unique and proven ability to adapt and to use knowledge in order to become better entrepreneurs.

It is certainly not easy to record every single thing they picked up, every piece of feedback they received. After meeting with tens of experienced entrepreneurs and investors and after attending more than 6 major events, they have a bag full of compelling stories to tell and numerous insights to discuss. As our expert Leda Karabela had told them before leaving Greece: “if after your trip to Silicon Valley your deck has not changed significantly, then you made something wrong”.

In this blogpost we identified the most impactful of these insights and are quoting them as recorded. Enjoy!

  1. “Visiting Silicon Valley today is like visiting Disneyland.” -Startup founder at GooglePlex

  1. “In a 10 minutes presentation you have to engage your audience in the first 90 secοnds” -Startup founder

  1. “A mighty validation for an early stage startup is whether another successful founder has already made an investment in this startup – even a small amount of money.” -Startup founder

  1. “The best investor is the one that wastes the least time with you.”  -Startup founder

  1. “Time is the global currency and we should spend it wisely.”  -Startup founder

  1. “Do not put too much technology in your product. A single good piece is enough.”  -Startup founder

  1. “You have to sell two things to investors to get their money: vision and traction.”  -Startup founder

  1. “A big part of entrepreneurial process is just staying in the game.” -Dave Morin (Co-founder & CEO of Path)

  1. “Count success or failure only by the number of people who use your product and nothing else.” -Max Levchin (Paypal co-founder)

  1. “I much prefer honesty to politeness. Anyone who is nice to you is not helping you.” -Vinod Khosla

  1. “Doing good business is moving away from competition.” -Peter Thiel

  1. “It is hard to do a really good job on anything you don’t think about in the shower.” -Paul Graham

  1. “The best kind of investors are the experienced ones that know and expect to lose their money in most of their investments – the ones that you eventually call and they go ” What?! You DIDN’T loose my money? Excellent!!” -Startup founder

  1. “Focus on generating value for the customer, not revenues – only then money MAY come.”  -Startup founder

  1. “By the time you can predict something is going to happen, it is too late to invest.” -Vinod Khosla


Feel free to share and lets us know what you think about these insights.

As our teams are now back home, we will return with more blogposts on what they did and who they talked to while in Silicon Valley. Also, check our hashtag #MetavallonUS2014 to find out more about this mission.

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