3 Ways Technology is Transforming the World – Industry 4.0

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Some call it the Fourth Industrial Revolution, others call it Industry 4.0 or the age of automation – no matter what you call it, a new era in which transformative digital technologies will play a central part in the way we live, work, and do business is upon us. Leading this era in the field of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) is Swedish-born tech giant and our valued program partner Ericsson.

Building upon an inspiring vision, a mission to create a global Networked Society, and the shift in mobile and cloud technologies, Ericsson is re-shaping the world one leading-edge project at a time. To do so, the Swedish gear maker is not only developing innovative ICT solutions; it also partners up with incubators, accelerators, and hubs across the world. And here’s proof: Last April, Ericsson MED teamed up with Metavallon for The Accelerator 2016. The partnership aimed to enhance market access and open up exceptional opportunities for our portfolio startups.

To find out more on how and Ericsson through ICT is creating a powerful impact on technology, business, and society, read on!

Step 1: Creating a Brave New and Connected World

The human kind is now amidst the 4th industrial revolution. Hugely enabled by disruptive Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), progress in technology is transforming everything around us at a pace that has never been experienced before in human history. As such, it catalyzes an entirely new economic and societal model.

Right now, there are five billion people who are connected through ICT. Broadband, mobility and the cloud are currently altering the fabric of society. With more connections and communication creating new functions and behaviors, we see in these developments an opportunity to empower people, transform industries, and enable smart city solutions”, underlines Maria Boura Head of Strategy, Marketing & Communications at Ericsson South East Europe.


With this as its basic premise, Ericsson has decided to build upon its very own expertise and create a worldwide initiative called The Networked Society. The goal: to reshape our common future. The vision: to create a positive legacy for generations to come. In reality, the Networked Society that Ericsson envisions is happening as we speak, and entails everything that can benefit from a connection for the betterment of society, economy, and the environment.

Exponential innovation is everywhere from industrial bio-technologies, smart materials, sensors, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things to smart energy, robotics, analytics, and visualization. The Networked Society promises to deliver growth and prosperity based on greater social cohesion and environmental sustainability”, states Boura.

Step 2: Catalyzing Progress through Research

In the age of information, no one can create the perfectly connected world, the society of societies, without all the right data. Indeed, research not only benefits customers—it also brings the benefits of a connected society to the entire world, from the busiest cities to its most remote parts.“Mobility, broadband, and cloud are creating vast pools of data and providing the tools to analyze it. We work to a higher level of innovation, research and development to help advance society as a whole”, declares Nick Zavras. Manager of Strategy, Marketing & Communications at Ericsson South East Europe.

It is this… itch that gave birth to the Ericsson ConsumerLab, a knowledge-based organization with insight as it main offering. The Lab has more than 15 years of experience in consumer research. “We gain our knowledge through a global research program based on annual interviews with 100,000 individuals in more than 40 countries and 15 megacities – statistically representing the views of 1.1 billion people. We use both quantitative and qualitative research, and spend hundreds of hours on in-depth interviews and focus groups with consumers from different cultures. The research includes general market and consumer trends and in-depth insights into specific areas”, explains Zavras.

As such, it provides consumer insight to influence strategy, marketing, and product management within the Ericsson Group. And as the fruit of the ConsumerLab’s labors turn into innovative products that shake up our daily routines, and eventually, alter our private worlds. It also predicts what we will be faced with next: every December the ConsumerLab publishes an exciting and thorough report. announcing the hottest trends for the upcoming year.


Step 3: Firing up Innovation and Disruption Through the Right Partners

It takes a connected ecosystem to transform the world. “No single entity owns the Networked Society. Ericsson as a leader in the ICT ecosystem, with its state-of-the-art technologies, innovative services and massive global scale and experience is enabling change-makers by incubating and supporting innovation”, emphasizes Maria Boura.

In fact, over the past years, the company has been systematically empowering innovative companies and turning great ideas into global realities. How? First off, by setting up Ericsson Garage. Just like the backyard garage that roofed over the groundbreaking ideas of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, its 21st century Swedish version acts as an incubator for innovation. As such, in true Lean Startup methodology and form, all Garage projects are encouraged to develop minimal viable products that could be the foundation for future commercial objects, products or services.

Even more, Ericsson supports the leading-edge activities of select third party organizations – and Metavallon is the first to have received its support in the Mediterranean.

Ericsson engages regularly with customers, universities, and partners in the countries of operation to create positive impact for the local societies. It is in this context that we announce our collaboration with Metavallon, a Greece-based startup accelerator with international reach”, pointed out Marie Large, Head of Ericsson in South East Europe in the press release that broke the news of our partnership to world.

This Just In: Ericsson Powering Up The Accelerator 2016

Through The Accelerator 2016, Ericsson shares its unparalleled know-how, global presence, and skilled resources to empower and transform Metavallon’s select startups. Specifically, during our intensive Launch Bootcamp, Ericsson’s Expert Maria Boura had the chance to consult The Accelerator’s finalists. And while in California for our US Mission, this year’s investee team and Industry 4.0 pioneer Tesibit met with five of Ericsson’s business and technical experts to talk about its cutting-edge solution and explore a potential future synergy.


Eventually, Metavallon and Ericsson share common values and principles – those of innovation and perseverance. Through this partnership, we have the unmatched opportunity to enhance the capacities of our portfolio startups, while Ericsson continues its quest towards shaping a better world through ICT.

We may be small yet our partners and our impact are great – these stories act as evidence of proof:


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